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ASHANTI Hair Care Treatment Products 8oz.
Category: Specials
Original Price: $6.95
Unit Price: $2.00
Description: ASHANTI Hair Care Treatment Products 8oz. Human and Syntheti Hair Care Products *Human Liquid Gel Treatment Step 1 - Guraranteed to eliminate dry hair and split ends, adds fullness to hair and gives the hair soft to medium hold. *Human Hair Treatment Step 2 - Guaranteed to repair and soften dull and dry hair, will detangle matted hair making combout easier, provides instant relief from frizzing and restores lost moisture from exposure to the environment and styling tools. *Braid Treatment Step 3 - This exclusive formula is guaranteed to condition, and replenish moisture with its special blend of ingredients to soothe the scalp on contact while softening braids. It is also formulated to ensure longer lasting braids while providing superb shine and fragrance. The addition of aloe vera to this rich formula also relieves tightness in the scalp.

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